Why do vacuum belt breaks? The most common reasons are usually because of normal usage, improper belt installed, wrong belt installation and as well as an obstruction in the brush roller. To prevent this situation from happening you need to replace your vacuum cleaner belt at regular intervals and always have a spare belt for emergency purposes.

Since a lot of vacuum manufacturers just don't share a vacuum belts' standardized naming system, the most efficient way to ensure the right belt order is by utilizing your vacuum's model number. Feel free to use the search box in entering your vacuum's model number to find the right belt for your order.

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Vacuum Parts and Accessories Buying Tips

Although a vacuum's brush roller doesn't need to stay in operation for a vacuum to make suction, using a healthy, effectively matched belt in a vacuum is vital towards the vacuum's cleaning ability. Brush rollers may also be called "agitator brushes," and consequently, vacuum belts are often referred to as "agitator belts." Vacuum cleaner belts transport power from the vacuum's motor to the brush roller. This is because agitator brush systems are responsible for the large majority of cleaning done by vacuums that include them in their design. Brush rollers literally beat dust and debris out of carpet so the vacuum can collect it with its suction. Self-propelled vacuum models use a second belt to power their drive systems. Test treatment of brushroll assemblage and also washing all hair, string, lint, etc. from your brushroll bearing. If your hoover brush just isn't content spinning, the brushroll showing may be packed. In the event that won't fix the situation the brushroll should get replaced.